Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lan Yu-top designers to create gorgeous exclusive wedding dresses

Some people say that China does not have its own luxury brand wdding dresses, the lack of international right to speak Chinese brands has long been embarrassing. Even though many top brands and designers strong everywhere in the world, do not allow us to ignore the local Chinese who harbor dreams of cutting-edge power, new fearless. Lan Yu, is such a rising China cutting-edge designers. China's homegrown her unique custom ideas and funny wizard genius design, good will traditional Chinese Suxiu Arts and unique combination of advanced materials in the West, a series of wedding dress design star, she has become the fastest and most influential 85 famous professional wedding dress designer.

Lan Yu brand as she is as elegant aura, which has a bond with a child learning ballet. Lan Yu age of 5 began diligence uninterrupted learning ballet, muddle children studying ballet really too much suffering and hardship, and has been supporting her belief that "ballet is a beautiful art, I want to be a United States who wanted to be the founder of beauty.

Lan Yu (LAN-YU) 2012 series of wedding Swan Lake as a creative theme, pure and enchanting performance in the film "Black Swan" in the design depicted in her heart, "Swan Lake" fantasy. Lan Yu want to try more design style in order to pursue more challenges.

White wedding dress black wedding a reversal of tradition, a crowning touch, holy is wonderful, but black is beautiful powerful footnote. Sentimental fantasy mood to sci-fi mystery, this time, she will be some simple, tough, light and shadow and lines outside the performance of soft self-confidence and strength.

Lan Yu specializes in embroidery, lace and veil material with beads, feathers and other decorative elements, use just right, she admire the perspective of managing people. Her classical temperament, probably from the influence of good Suzhou embroidery mother. This point is also deeply embedded in her design: a large number of traditional manual process is used in Western-style wedding production. Especially when the classic embroidery and old lace collide, but also bring a stunning luxury and beautiful.

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