Monday, May 13, 2013

Famory create the perfect wedding dress for Chinese bride

Every starry night, every game event, you need to have dressed in elegant evening dresses while feminine qualities, a special occasion to show their unique beauty, allows you to become a rainbow eyes of the world the most amazing time on the promenadethe most beautiful painting. "Famory new autumn and winter 2013/2014 for you to create the most amazing high quality cheap wedding dresses fairy tale.

 "Famory" Chinese wedding dress brand, is also the world's top ten wedding dress brands. "Famory brand founder MR.CAI international wedding dress sector as" the father of the modern wedding dress design. ""Famory Famory" is currently the only "Chinese famous brand", "China's export brand" wedding evening dress brand.

"Famory" mainstream style of the development of more than 3,000 a year to lead the international wedding dress trend. Annual wedding dress 60-80 million units, the major European and American high-end wedding evening dress brand VERA WANG, the PRONOVIAS DAVID'S BRIDAL, Mon Cheri partners. I explore the international market, the past two years, began to enter the domestic market. In Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chaozhou and more opened the name Rui wedding dress shop experience. Meanwhile, in order to allow all parts of the country the bride can choose to buy the name Rui wedding dress, the name Swiss Official Taobao flagship store recently listed on a grand.
product name:Custom Deep Neckline with Empire Slim Column Shape Skirt Chiffon Evening Gown E0062
After more than half a century of development, currently Famory (Famory) brand embodies the best domestic team of designers, has more than 30 independent designers, more than 300 designers Assistant, which there is no lack of a number of senior fashion designer,China's top ten fashion designers, Guangdong Province, the top ten fashion designers. Composed of the world's largest wedding dress design team, on behalf of the designer - Caizhong Han, 85 US-normalized wedding evening dress to create division. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, currently serves as the Guangdong Famory (Group) Co., Ltd. Chief Marketing Officer and fashion designer, the same individual Apparel Association, vice president of Guangdong Province. Own life experience, committed to the wedding dress latest concept originated in Europe and the United States into China, and the full integration of Chinese culture, Chinese brides to create their own perfect wedding dresses.

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