Thursday, September 20, 2012

Romantic wedding theme

If your wedding theme revolves all about romance with you is a topic that provides a high degree of flexibility, since the concept of romance is different for everyone. For some, the word conjures up romantic images of wine and candles, while others think of red roses, diamonds or barefoot on the beach. Or perhaps more imagination in nature think putting, horse-drawn carriages and castles, fairytale princesses and glass slippers. Whatever your ideal romantic wedding theme may be, it is certain wedding favors that will help set the tone, send your guests home with a gift that will remind the atmosphere of your special day can.

For many, candlelit a classic element in a romantic setting, so they. A must have item for a wedding theme, based around the idea of ​​romanticism Candles and candle holders make wonderful wedding favors, as well as to add a little of the joy and romance that you and your new spouse celebrates send home with each of your guests. And they are in a huge variety of styles, so you are sure that you will find are the perfect compliment to the atmosphere that you have in mind. Candle wedding favors are decorated with gold or silver cherubs, Regal Fleur De Lis patterns, butterflies, calla lilies, roses and orchids. There are sparkling crystal candle holder in the shape of hearts, flowers and diamonds, made with delicate gold filigree or candles with an adventure or beach theme decorated.

When hearts are prominent in your wedding decor, are a number of wedding favors available to compliment your theme. Heart shaped pockets, heart purse handbag caddies and heart themed mint tins are options that are heart-shaped measuring spoons or bookmarks. Crystal heart is big and can in keychain form, chandeliers, sparkling paperweight, place card holders or to have wine bottle closures. Heart-shaped compact mirror make beautiful favors that make Interlocking Heart Design Sculpture, heart themed coasters and picture frames.

Flowers are a must have for any wedding, and is even more important if your romantic theme. Flower themed wedding favors can help the floral scene, whether the focus is fresh and bright spring flowers blooming or extravagant greenhouse. For a spring flower theme, Gerbera Daisy Favor Boxes, Floral Spring candle holder or services marked with cherry good choice. Crystal long stem roses are elegant and romantic as it is Crystal Flower Pot or Rose Ball Candle. Calla lilies are a popular floral theme wedding favors and wedding offers them is abundant, such as candles, champagne flutes, place card holders, wine bottle stoppers, frames and bookmarks.

When all of these elements in your romantic wedding theme are incorporated, you can mix and wedding favors for personality and tastes of your guests. Or you can choose from the selection of wedding favors, including a combination of them, or perhaps heart show on a table, the most prominent flowers and candles in the next issue of the election for the third. The possibilities are almost endless when you use the classical elements of romance as a guide.

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