Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Go for vintage wedding dresses

There is a tendency in many brides choose vintage wedding dress. There are several reasons for this, because there are just some things that are no longer made. Vintage style is often classic and elegant. Vintage Wedding Dresses change is a good way to suppress and to fill in all the right places. It does not matter if you buy something bigger that you have attached to your body shape with a good tailor.

Another option is to have a vintage dress copy, it's really an exciting opportunity to add your own twist design. Below are some vintage wedding dresses:

1930 -

Who 1930s fashion? In many ways! Hollywood Many of them would see their favorite stars from the silver screen and on television will flock to stores to get something. Vogue commented on the long-line dress in 1934:

"You look as thin as a sheet, and more than ever because of the long list of his sudden flourish at the bottom." Diamante clip and gold necklaces shone beside chiffon top black velvet, smooth-white silk satin and gold lame.


Fashion motto is pronounced much at the age of uniform and Mend and make as British Vogue in 1940.

Required in Europe, as governments enforce control over the purse war, rationing minimalism time. Luxury movie star looks 30: e Year felt so conspicuous, unpatriotic and vulgar. This era saw a simple wedding dress made of silk bias cut with minimal decorations.


In 1950 the war ended, and the way began to flourish. Designer less on sharp silhouettes and moved to softer lines. Dior pushed to the limit and avoided postwar use poverty and lack of materials, and 23 m material for a dress. So basically, in 1950, where as a great dress, they were brave and make a statement.


In 1960 wedding dresses brought many styles that are now so familiar today as well as empire waist A-line silhouette. In addition, bubble coat silhouette, hemline ankle, 3/4 sleeves and lace Watteau train unique styles of the decade. Was so popular-line dress that was torn from tight girded hourglass shape in 1950. These clothes fell from her shoulders and had no hint of waist. The sleeves are three quarters or remove it completely, just accessorised with formal gloves.

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