Monday, December 24, 2012

About the yacht wedding

A yacht wedding is good for late spring, summer, early autumn season; it is the best season for yacht voyage. Because there are too many factors are difficult to control, in order to perfect, all the following points you must pay attention to:
Yacht facilities
yacht wedding
Pay attention to the number of yacht can accommodate, and entertainment equipment and accessories, such as health, seat is comfortable, etc., to entertain guests, ceremony and then because of a party are all at sea.
The couple should respect all the wedding guests, in that case, the couple have a responsibility to refuse any of the uninvited guest presence, such as hate mosquitoes, flies and all kinds of insects, etc. Especially when fly in food, large indeed have landscape.
Therefore, prior to site should be relevant units’ communication, made all the anti-mosquito insect-resistant measures. If is winter wedding, outdoor must be colder, and proposed to hire some steam air heater, for yourself and to guest add a few minutes and cozy warmth.
yacht wedding
The wedding in addition to music outside, the guests all hope to use the eyes and ears to witness the whole marrying ceremony, so, outdoor sound equipment cannot be ignored, it is suggested that more seriously with site have closed unit communication to all the guests at the wedding is to take care of the comprehensive.
Safety measures
A yacht wedding couple should understand the normal operation condition, and rescue facilities is all ready, the best in the two lifeguard is present, to ensure safety.
The so-called the rainy day the, always also want to buy insurance, prepare a backup plan, always be on the safe side. Such as to cope with the rainy day, it start yacht in yacht club, can early to check the time gap, must be in at least one month before the wedding ceremony with service supplier agreement clear your requirements and plan B content, and to make sure that each can be used with the project.
Outdoor temperature often affects the quality of food, avoids perishable food, as some mixed mayonnaise dishes, has cut the fruit, etc. Similarly, wedding cake material also try to avoid more easily dissolved cream class, when ordering should be mentioned with cake supplier outdoor wedding matters, make the other side can be used with the outdoor environment to design your wedding cake material and shape.
yacht wedding
Such as wedding time is when the sun goes down, or draw in time, please make sure enough lighting equipment. Otherwise, you will need to prepare a lot of candles or early to string lights around living field shrub plants, assorted to decide whether or not to need to hire the lamp or the right lighting tools etc.
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