Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tips about Save money on your wedding

The average price of a wedding in Ireland is € 25,000, reasonable? not realistic? not necessarily. Irish couples are increasingly in debt to borrow money, they just do not in an attempt to make her "perfect" day. But you do not just cut your losses, there are several ways you can plug terminals, and no wiser. Transportation, stationary, clothes and food add up before you know it, you have your honeymoon fund centrepieces. The two main questions are: 1) Set a budget stay, and 2) there.

Planning a wedding is a two-man job (no matter how much he says it is not), then before the inevitable madness, and you sucked get in a tornado of favors and invites you to contact your man be and to discuss what you can afford. Consider your income and how much you are willing to shell out up both just have to be realistic about these things, there's no point daydreaming about gilded envelopes if it means remortgaging your house, now is it?

The place

The majority of the budget is the place you choose to go to keep your intake. Four-course meals on average € 60 per guest, you will find most of the money into a large room (it the Bermuda Triangle is weddings!) While you sucked your big day is a Saturday, is more expensive, especially when there are three days earlier have. More and more sites are now promoting midweek wedding. This is an excellent way to save money, be flexible. Talk with representatives of the various costs before you book. You can have more money in your wallet, as you had expected to leave.

The photographer / Filmographer

It is advisable to not skimp on the photographer. Photos the memories you hold in your hand are (or some of your guests, proof that they actually were there!) Thus, after the event, it would be heartbreaking to discover that they do not scratch up. Instead of your young neighbors, they took a six-month course, look like a lens focusing swore. There are many professional photographers around the country who will do a good deal for you. Check online (at and make a few on the phone.




The car can be a fun part of the wedding. Most of the time your too nervous to enjoy the ride, not to be picky on the inside. Focus on the essentials. Ask around to see if a friend has a decent, or unusual car and go with it! Alternatively, you can also go to church and take the bus from the front desk (not really).



This is an area, it is easy to save a few cents. For invitations to buy in large quantities, as it will be cheaper. Hand write the names and addresses rather they have engraved. Talk to other couples who have shopped around and look across the country, not only in your home town. I would suggest making your own, but I can imagine long nights stuck hearts cream carton for you sound interesting, as it does for us! Always handwrite thank you cards, or even type in lower case, not only the emotional cost, but it's a much more personal way to show your friends how much you appreciate their gifts.


Extras such as jewelry, veils, shoes, underwear, etc are the elements that you will more than likely underestimated costs. While these connect or your bridesmaids' dresses cheaper alternatives are just as effective. See the high street shops for shoes and jewelry and to be flexible headdress. A trip to a second hand or vintage shop, you can make your eyes to their own songs, the Open your dress spectacularly different. Have fun can it!

Ten top tips on how to save money

1) go for the artificial flowers instead of real

2) Stick to the basics at the reception, think minimalist

3) Do you have a mid-week wedding

4) to go abroad to get married

5) Serve appetizers instead of entrees

6) in the country for your hen Stay, it's the people that make them, not location

7) Make your own make-up, nails, hair (only you know how you like it!)

8) Not all go on favors. Something small and cheap would be sufficient.

9) Keep the cake simple, you can do it with less than 25 floors

10)Choose your wedding dresses online .such as

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